The HSTP (High Standard Training Program) in Translation and Interpretation prepares you to work as a professional in both the translation and interpretation fields.

Although interpretation and translation have much in common, the practice of each profession requires different skill sets.

Translation and Interpretation Curriculum.

Our professional curriculum prepares students to be experts in the complementary pursuits of translation and interpretation. The research conducted for a translation project can ease your preparation for an interpreting assignment, while the spontaneity necessary for interpretation can increase your speed of completing translation assignments.


Language-specific courses are designed to refine students’ skills in both interpretation and translation, both in and out of each of their languages. The interpretation courses will focus on the development of both consecutive and simultaneous interpretation skills. We also encourage students to pursue coursework in computer-assisted translation tools, so that they are able to take advantage of technological advances in the translation field.


In addition to building their skill sets, students also increase their domain knowledge by working with texts from a range of fields including politics, economics, science, technology, and the medical and legal fields, to name just a few.


Technological advances in both translation and interpretation have made it increasingly important that our graduates are well-versed in various areas relevant to localization professionals,


In order to work as an interpreter, one must, of course, be fluent in two languages. It is not enough to simply take a course about interpreting protocols and pass an exam to call oneself a professional Interpreter. This course of study does not evaluate your current level of bilingual fluency. We therefore strongly recommend that you have your Language Skills tested by a reputable agency before you undertake this course of study. Language Skills can be evaluated using the IELTS or TOEFL ITP



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